About Us

Redefining How Heritage Crafts Are Used In Luxury Design.

Label MAE, a baby of Rekognation, a brand designed internationally and is now growing in India as Label Mae. The brand has its roots that understands craftmanship and the value of its heritage craft. We hold strong to our roots hence we make sure to bring out An apparel medley to bedeck the modern women.

We , at the House of Label Mae combines the exceptional quality of Indian craftsmanship and textiles with the clean lines and refine cuts of modern design. Sourcing its materials and producing its collections sustainably, the company’s international design team works to take ancient techniques and motifs out of their expected artisanal craft contexts and give them new, elevated applications in the fashion world. Created with respect for the environment and the dignity of its workers, Label Mae’s garments are timeless designs to last a lifetime. Label Mae’s roots are from the rich heritage of traditional workshops of India, yet its cultural world is international and in 1997 it opened its door for the international market, IT HAS SEEN THE BEAUTY OF GENRATIONS

Handcrafted with Grace and Love.
we present to you a collection that has its roots coming from experts. We here at Label Mae, present to you designs that are everlasting and breath-taking.

Fabrics that lets your skin breath.
The Fabrics used at the house of Label Mae are of premium quality that doesn’t irritate your skin and lets it breathe. They are durable, comfortable and luxurious looking.

An eye that catches all…
Every cut, every design , every pattern is made to make those heads turn. Our idea of business is to make limited production of one particular design so that it is exclusive to only some people around.

Focus on Sustainability
We take sustainability as our top priority. We make sure that we are taking measures to decrease wastage and conscious consumption.